Sunday, July 12, 2009


Wow, I've been really slack at posting on here. The last Devonport Craft Market seemed to take a lot more time to organise and we had lots of lovely visitors last month too.

Here I am again though and I haven't been totally idle. Its birthday party season again and I've been really enjoying creating personalised gifts for Maddy's friends. Sorry about the lighting on the t-shirt pic. I made it on the morning of the party so this photo was taken at the event itself!

This is a covered notebook that I made for Maddy's wonderful little friend Lucy (could you tell?). She loves to write and draw. I made her a matching pencil case too.

And finally, here is a wonderful brushed cotton blanket commissioned for a new baby. I really enjoyed doing this one. The lady who commissioned it was great and was really keen for it to be something that could be used by the little girl for a long time so it was fun finding just the right size and colours.

We have our first Crafty Get-together this evening and I can't wait. I've just bought myself a new cupcake book and I'm torn between making frangipani cupcakes or button ones. I'll post pics when they are finished. I'm really looking forward to hearing ideas from the others about what we can do with the social time we have together. With all those creative people in the room, there are bound to be some fantastic ideas. I'm just going to take a bit of knitting and some wondeful craft books to share and see where we go from there.

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