Thursday, June 4, 2009

Magic wishing toadstools

A few weeks ago we took the girls up Mount Victoria to see the magic wishing toadstools. They are actually the vents to the old war time tunnels that run through the mount.

It was a stunning day and the girls made the most of it hopping from one toadstool to the next making wishes. This is them doing roly polies down one of the hills.

Those toadstools had a real impact on the girls and they have talked about them a lot.

These little guys really remind me of that day and I've made one each for the girls and a couple extra for the market this weekend. If you look closely, you can see the remnants of a real mushroom. This little stump in our garden is our very own fairy ring. In summer every year, a ring of pink flowers spring up around it and the rest of the year fabulous golden mushrooms sprout from it.

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