Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy busy busy

The first Devonport Craft Market happens in a week and I am running it. I also have a stall at it and there are a great deal of things that should be done around the house (the kitchen table that I sanded last week needs varnishing for a start!) And yet.... I couldn't resist spending the best part of yesterday knitting a hat for my beautiful Eloise.

I found the pattern here: but I made some adjustments. The pink part of my hat is shorter than suggested. I wouldn't do the 'nubble' part again as it such a fiddly thing to do. The next one I make will have 4 rows of garter stitch separating the cup and the cake, 2 in the cup colour and 2 in the cake colour. I also think I would either knit a ball or use felt for the cherry as pom poms use a ridiculous amount of yarn and I really don't enjoy making them. If you decide to use this pattern, the nubbles are made by casting on 4 stitches and then casting off 4 stitches. Very simple but very tedious when you have to do 40 of them.

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Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

oh my gooooooooodness!! How did i miss this post!!!!!!!

ok ok i should be commenting on your creative space but PLEASE!!!!!!! This has to be the cutest hat i have ever seeen!!!!!

You so clever!!! (said in a funny accent ;) )


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